Memphis, TN Collateral: Ring
Name: Austin Shutes
Phone: 901-857-XXXX
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330woodridge cir Collateral: B uy a car
Name: Allando branch
Phone: 678-651-XXXX
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Glendale, AZ Collateral: Gold ring
Name: Sbridges
Phone: 623-628-XXXX
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Stockdale, TX Collateral: Wedding Ring
Name: The Night King
Phone: 830-484-XXXX
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Bond, CO Collateral: Car
Name: Cody Serviss
Phone: 970-688-XXXX
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Jack Collateral: iPhone 11 brand new
Name: Tara Cooper
Phone: 334-490-XXXX
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Clarion, PA Collateral: SSI pay card
Name: Tristan Robertson
Phone: 814-221-XXXX
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Campbell, CA Collateral: Car
Name: Jason
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Cripple Creek Collateral: Watch and HP LAPTOP Over $1,700 purchase in 2020 combined
Name: Christopher Benge
Phone: 303-854-XXXX
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Wells Nevada Collateral: Coins
Name: Nick Palmer
Phone: 775-401-XXXX
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